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At the beginning of 1970 decided Cantralsug AB, Solna to develop a new carbon filter (activated carbon filters) for its underground waste transport. Underground waste transport means that transporting waste in pipes from all over the city to a waste terminal station where the trash is separated from the transport air. Transport air smells ... there are settlements in the vicinity requires treatment. Odor Control) requirements for the new carbon filter were high. It was a completely new product that are not already on the market. The development also picked up requirements from other application areas such as animal by-product plants that had major problems with odor. Carbon filter became a high quality product that was named DEOFILTER.

During the 70 - and 80-century installed most of the Nordic animal by-product plants DEOFILTER.

1980 bought all DEOILTER rights of Sorbates Odor Filtration AB, Uppsala.

Fields of application
Animal by-product plants
Fish meal processing
Meat frying processes
Sewage plants
Chemical industries
Refuse stations
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